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What is a Wetpaint site?Wetpaint sites are "click-and-type" websites that are easy to start and even easier to expand, because you can invite anyone you like to add text, photos, links, and other content to your Wetpaint site. To add or edit content, all you need to do is click the EasyEdit button to activate an editing toolbar similar to what you'd see in programs like Microsoft Word. Then just start typing!
What do people use Wetpaint sites for?Wetpaint sites can be used for all kinds of things. Here are just a few:

  • Personal Uses - You might want to start a Wetpaint site where you post photos for your family and friends to see and share. This is an easy way to keep people connected to what's happening in your life and helps you avoid sending out tons of emails.
  • Reference - Are you an expert on fly fishing or do you have the inside scoop on all the best Hollywood gossip? You could start a Wetpaint site as an online reference for like-minded people. Imagine passionate online discussions about the latest Brangelina gossip or trends in fly-fishing lures with people from around the world.
  • Clubs and Organizations - Are you the one tasked with getting the local PTA group online and up to speed? It's easy to start a site for your group using Wetpaint, and even better -- you can delegate. The Wetpaint platform makes sharing the workload much easier.
Why choose Wetpaint over other Wiki services?Wetpaint has created several videos listed below that demonstrate the advantages of Wetpaint over competitors such as freewebs or wikia.

Why Wetpaint?