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Who founded Wetpaint? Wetpaint was founded by a collection of individuals who hope to inspire individuals through technology to contribute to their communities. Ben Elowitz serves as Wetpaint's chief executive officer.
How does Wetpaint make money? Wetpaint makes money by placing contextual advertising links on Wetpaint sites. The revenue generated from the advertising helps offset the cost of the technology, hosting, bandwidth, and coffee.
What's with the name Wetpaint? Wetpaint got its name from the fact that Wetpaint sites are never really done -- the content is always changing as a passionate community guides it, evolves it, and helps it grow.
How many people work at Wetpaint? There are about 40 members of the Wetpaint crew. If you're interested in helping us apply the second coat, check out our job listings.
Where is Wetpaint located? Wetpaint is located in lovely downtown Seattle, Washington ... Pioneer Square to be exact. If you want to drop us a note, our mailing address is:

710 Second Avenue
Suite 1100
Seattle, Washington 98104

Here's a map to the Wetpaint offices.
How do I contact Wetpaint for help? If you are having issues, please send a message to one of Wetpaint Central's Moderators, and we will try our best to help you.
Who funded Wetpaint? The company is backed by Accel Partners, DAG Ventures, Trinity Ventures, and Frazier Technology Ventures.
Does Wetpaint license its technology? Wetpaint does not license its technology.