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How do I add a thread to a page?

The great thing about this site is that everyone with something to say can add a thread.

  1. To add a thread, go to the bottom of the page, or the top of the discussion forum, and click "Post a new thread."

    Start a New Thread - Wetpaint Central

  2. If you are signed in, the post will be attributed to you. Otherwise, the post will be made anonymously (note: some sites do not allow Anonymous contributions)

  3. Adding keyword tags to your thread means that your thread can be found in the keyword groups section of the forum, and through tag searches.

    Start a New Thread - Wetpaint Central

  4. Choose a category to post your thread in.

    Start a New Thread - Wetpaint Central

  5. When you're done writing, click the "post" button.

Adding links within a thread

Keep in mind that external links will remain plain text when posted in a thread. Internal links (URLs pointing to pages, threads, and profiles within the site) will automatically be activated when you post or reply to a thread. This feature helps discourage spammers from posting links to outside sites.

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