Spell Check

How do I spell check a page?

Since you want your site to contain good information, it's important to make sure that all your information is spelled correctly. If your information is spelled incorrectly, visitors will not understand the content on your wiki, and this will deter them from joining your wiki. Thankfully there's an automatic spell check built into the EasyEdit toolbar, so you'll never have to make another spelling error again!

  1. To spell check a page, just click on the "EasyEdit" button and the toolbar will appear.
    EasyEdit Button

  2. Click the spell check button on the toolbar.
    EasyEdit Toolbar

  3. You will receive a message that will let you know how many errors were found and will allow you to re-check the page for errors. Each spelling error will be highlighted in yellow. To view a list of alternative spellings, click on a highlighted word.
    Select from a list of spelling suggestions
  4. Select one of the options in the list or click "ignore". Continue this process throughout your page until you are finished.
Note: There is currently an issue known with the Spellcheck button that, when clicked, it generates a browser-generated error. If your browser has spell-check, and it's enabled, it can work as a replacement until Spellcheck is fixed.

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