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Listing your site on social networks can be a great way to grow and promote your wiki community.

What Is Social Networking?

Social networking in the offline world often meant going to social events with people in your industry or in a variety of industries in hopes of making networking

Online social networking is similar, but will often include people you've never met and they can be on the other side of the globe.

Making connections will help broaden your audience, plus even if one of your direct connections isn't interested in helping with your site, one of their connections might be.

The most popular online social networking sites are Myspace and Facebook. In the business world, it is LinkedIn. Other sites are becoming more and more social, including YouTube, Digg, Flickr, and even Wetpaint.

How Should I Use Social Networking to Promote My Site?

Adding a link to your profile page is a must. Building relationships (become "Friends" or connections) with others who share your beliefs or cover the same topic are also recommended. You should also look at joining groups related to your site topic, contribute to the group, and offer links to your site where it isn't too obtrusive.

Many sites throughout Wetpaint have "badges." Create a badge for your site and consider posting the badge on your favorite social networking website.