Sending compliments

It’s easy to send a compliment.

Simply click on any username on the site. From the new tool tip you can view their profile page, send them a private message, or send a public compliment to be displayed on their profile page.

Check out the video or, if you prefer, you can simply review the screen shots below.

Lastly, please give us feedback on sending a compliment by adding a comment at the bottom of the page.

Sending compliments - Wetpaint Central

After clicking send compliment a new dialog will appear. From there you can select an array of compliments or choose a custom one. Each compliment comes with some standard text which you can add to or remove as you see fit. Once you finish your comment click ‘send compliment’ and you’re done. The site member will receive a notification of your compliment and can approve it for display in their profile section. So start sending compliments
Sending compliments - Wetpaint Central

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