Other Widget

What are "Other Widgets"?

"Other Widgets" might include things like Flash games or other random widgets that aren't listed on our supported widget list.

How do I add a widget I found on the Web?

WikiFoundry supports many Web-based widgets available on other websites. If your favorite widget has an export code, you can use that code to add your widget to a page on your WikiFoundry site.

  1. To add your widget to a page, click on the "EasyEdit" button and the toolbar will appear.
    EasyEdit Button
  2. Place your cursor where you'd like to display your widget, and click on the "Widget" button in the toolbar.
    EasyEdit Toolbar
    The "Add Widget" dialog will appear.
    Add Widget Dialog
  3. First check to make sure your widget isn't listed in our gallery. If you don't see it, select "Other Widget." The "Add Widget" dialog will appear.
  4. Paste your widget export code into the open text field and then click "Add Widget." If we don't support that widget, we'll let you know then.
  5. After you've added your widget, an "Edit Widget" dialog will appear. You can change the size of your widget by using the (-) or (+) options. You can also change where your widget appears in relationship to the copy on the page by using the layout icons. When you're satisfied with the size and layout of your widget image, click on the "Done" button.
Note: You cannot view a widget while editing a page; at that time, you will see an icon that represents your widget. Your widget will be viewable after you save the page.

What if my widget isn't supported?
WikiFoundry supports widgets that are either embedded Flash or that are contained within an IFRAME tag. If your widget export code is not supported, look for an alternate export option; many widget providers allow multiple export formats.

Occasionally, we are unable to tell if we can support a particular widget. We'll always give it the benefit of the doubt and add it to the page anyway. You can tell if the widget is supported after you save your changes to the page.