Move Page

How do I move a page?

Moving a page changes the navigation of the site, so this function should be used with care. However, moving pages is a good idea if it helps users navigate the site more easily.

1. To move a page, select 'Move page' from the 'More Tools' menu at the top of the page you want to move.
2. The 'Move Page' dialog will appear. Click on the page that you want to move the page to. This will insert the page as a sub-page of the location you select.
Select a new location
3. Then click on the "Set Page Location" button.
4. You can now edit the page order by using the up and down arrows to indicate what order the pages are shown on the navigation menu. This step is only necessary if there is more than one page on the same navigation tier.

Uncategorized Pages

Move Information Pages that aren't assigned to another page are considered 'Uncategorized'. You can view a list of all the uncategorized pages on the site 'What's New' area. The Uncategorized pages are accessible under the 'Pages' tab.

Move A Page

Note: Uncategorized pages can also be found by performing a search on the contents or tags for a page, but the page won't be found in the site's navigation pane in the left column.


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