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What is Vandalism?

A vandal is someone who purposely joins a site to mess up all the content on the pages in the site. This generally only happens on sites that allow registered user or anonymous edits. This is called vandalism, but many mistake it as hacking. However, there are many ways to stop vandalism from ruining your site's pages.
There are several steps to take when trying to minimize vandalism. Ideally, they should be taken in the following order, as needed:
  1. Promote only trustworthy users to moderator status
  2. Revert vandalized pages as soon as they're found
  3. Ban users who repeatedly cause problems
  4. Lock a page that is very important, yet is being repeatedly vandalized

How do I stop Vandalism?

There are many ways to stop it. For example, if you want to have a site where registered user and anonymous users can edit, there is an option to lock a page. Locking a page prevents writers or below from editing a page. Only moderators and up can edit on a locked page. By locking the page, you can protect your site from users vandalizing your site. You can lock the important pages or all of them, which ever you please.
Also, you can have an invite only permission setting. This allows only writers and up to edit your pages on the site. This stops registered users and anonymous users from editing any of the pages. Now, you can control who edits, making sure the users editing are responsible for their edit and keeping down vandalism.

How do I prevent flaming?

Flamers are people who engage in heated arguments and make rude or insulting remarks for the purpose of upsetting other users. Often, a warning will prevent future flaming. If a user continues to post mean comments, a ban is necessary. Some flamers will create new accounts if they feel the argument isn't finished. Make your site private for a few days if this is an issue, and they will usually give up.

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