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Want some quick tips?

This page has some short and to-the-point tips for success in using Wetpaint sites:

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Whenever you rename a page, be sure to fix all links that linked to the old page name so people can still find it. CaptainSpaz
Use spell check! CaptainSpaz
Try not to use intricate table designs. Although they may look nice, experience has shown that the more intricate they are the harder it is for the page to load. (K.I.S.S.)CaptainSpaz
Use many tables when working on your design. Using advanced table features can make a site look wonderful. Just experiment with tables, and try out new things. walrusworldstudios
Use graphics in your designs. Using graphics can make pages look really cool. walrusworldstudios
Use different font styles and colors! If you use the same style and color over and over again, it will look boring. But don't make it too colorful, or the reader's eyes will get sore. yy10

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