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Anonymous Obese Images - Centering Issues 5 Jul 14 2014, 9:01 PM EDT by bellswebster
Thread started: Jul 13 2014, 11:31 PM EDT  Watch
Alright, so I'm having a huge difficulty editing my wiki due to the added pixels on the sides of images (what I like to call obese images due to their extra, "fatty" pixels) which make creating a layout that has images within tables a chore. They don't fit properly into otherwise complete and finalized tables, and they cause the background table color to show on the sides of the image where it doesn't at the top. All around it's not aesthetically pleasing, makes fitting images into tables difficult, and is just plain bothersome.

Is there some reason for this, or even a workaround?
I've checked around WikiFoundry Central for solutions to the centering issue, but none of them work for me. Usually the centering issue happens solely on tables with only one cell, but now it's encroached onto my multi-cell tables and is become a hassle to try to center words, images, and even other tables within tables.

I've tried the method where one creates a blank line, centers the one below and types their words and inserts their tables/images on that one, saves, then deletes the blank line and saves that. It only worked on a portion of my table.
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Berrysight Site No Longer Available but Still on my List of Websites? 10 Jul 11 2014, 11:41 AM EDT by McDonald's1
Thread started: Jul 8 2014, 4:49 PM EDT  Watch
One of the websites I used to go on is no longer available, but it remains on my website-list box. Is there any way to remove it?
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Anonymous import and export wiki 7 Jul 7 2014, 7:09 PM EDT by Anonymous
Thread started: Jun 3 2014, 7:30 PM EDT  Watch
I am looking for a free wiki hosting service allows me to import and export the wiki as text files? I don't want my wiki to become trapped in a website I may not use later. I also want to be able to transfer a complete wiki (as text files) into a new service if desired. I keep my own personal wiki on my local computer as a folder of text files. I can search these text files and also designate links to other text files by putting brackets around words (they are not clickable of course). I would like to be able to import these text files into some wiki hosting service so that each text file becomes a page in the wiki and the links (words with brackets) are clickable and functionable. Does your wiki hosting service provide this functionality? If not, do you know of one that does?

Even better, it would be great if there is some wiki hosting service that allows the wiki to be synced with your local drive. However, this might be asking for too much right now and is not necessary for my purposes.

Thanks for any help and information you have to offer me!

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