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How do I access and edit my profile?

As a member of any site's community of collaborators, it's recommended that you invest in building out your personal profile page. Your profile page is the place where you can share information about yourself with other members of the community.

Likewise, you can reference the profile of any other contributor by clicking on his or her username within the Top Contributors module, site member list or comment area.

You should also return to your profile if you ever need to make any changes to your underlying account information (e.g. to change your e-mail address).

  1. Edit Profile - Wetpaint CentralSign in, and you can then access and edit your profile by clicking on your username where it appears just above the Page Toolbox on the right.

  2. Click the EasyEdit button at the top of your profile page, and the toolbar will appear.
  3. Click the "EasyEdit" button to enter editing mode so you can add content to your profile page.

    Note: Site Administrators and the Creator can edit your profile if needed.

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