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How do I add chat or instant messaging?

Instant messaging from Meebo is best on your profile page, where you want users to contact you directly.

  1. To add a chat to a page, or instant messaging to your profile, click on "EasyEdit" and the toolbar will appear.
  2. Place your cursor where you'd like to display your chat or messaging window, and click on the "Widget" button in the toolbar.
    EasyEdit Toolbar
    The "Add Widget" dialog will appear.

    Add Widget Dialog
  3. Select Meebo Messaging

    Meebo IMSelect Meebo when you want site users to instant message you via the Meebo web site. We recommend using instant messaging on your profile page.

    Go to Meebo and create your messaging window. Copy the embed code into the open text field and click "Add Messaging."

  4. After you've added your window, an edit dialog will appear. You can change the size of your window by using the (-) or (+) options. You can also change where your window appears in relationship to the copy on the page by using the layout icons. When you're satisfied with the size and layout of your window image, click on the "Done" button.
Note: You cannot view a widget while editing a page; at that time, you will see an icon that represents your widget. Your widget will be viewable after you save the page.