How do I attach files to my pages?

You can add an attachment to a page, allowing anyone who visits that page to download it. To add an attachment, click on the 'Add attachment' link in the 'More Tools' dropdown menu at the top of the page. If you do not see the link, check to make sure that you are signed in to the site.
Attachments - Wetpaint Central
The "Add Attachment" dialog will appear.
Attachments - Wetpaint Central

On this dialog, you can find the attachment you want to add and write a brief description about it. When finished, click the "Add Attachment" button and your file will be uploaded to the site.

Note: Attachments cannot exceed 2MB, and there is a limit of 40 attachments per site which means you have a maximum of 80MB per site. If that limit is reached and you cannot add an attachment, you can free up space by viewing a list of all attachments on the site to remove any that are no longer needed. To view all attachments click on the "What's New" tab, then click on the "Attachments" tab.


Q: Why can't I attach a file?
A: Three possible reasons:
  1. You have not signed in. Only a site's registered users may upload files, and the "Attach a file" link will not appear in the page toolbox until you've signed in. Signing up for a site is free, of course.
  2. Another possibility is that the site's creator has set the contribution permissions to "Only people I invite." In that case, you must be a writer on the site to upload files. Ask a moderator for permission.
  3. The site has reached its maximum number of attachments. Remove some old files to free up space.

Q: How many files can we add to our WikiFoundry site?
A: You can have 40 file attachments total by default.

Q: Can I increase the amount of attachments we can add to our WikiFoundry site?
A: Sure! Shoot us a message at and we will raise your attachment limit, however, most wikis won't need to request an increase, as they will likely never reach or exceed the default limit. This is mainly for educational wikis.

Q: Is there a size limit for files?
A: Yes. Each file can be up to 2MB.

Q: What types of files can we upload?
A: Any type that you want, so long as you have the legal right to distribute the file. Uploading copyrighted material is a big no-no, according to WikiFoundry's Terms of Use.

Q: What can I do if I need more file storage space?
There are many useful third party file storage services on the web. Some, like, can even be embedded on your site as a widget.

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