Add Photo to Photo Gallery

Adding Photos to the Photo Gallery

  1. To add a photo to the gallery, just click on the "Add Photo" button on the top right-hand corner of the gallery.
    Add Photo to Photo Gallery - Wetpaint Central
  2. The "Add Photo" dialog box, which is depicted below, will appear on the page.Add Photo to Photo Gallery
  3. Choose a photo to upload or search for a photo on the web using the "Add by Searching" link in the right corner.
    1. To add an photo that's on your computer, select the "On my computer" option, and then click on the "Browse" button to navigate to the photo's location on your hard drive.
    2. To add an photo on another web site, click on the "Add from URL" button and paste in the complete address of the photo (for example:
    3. To search for and add a photo found on the web, click on the "Add by Searching" link. Then select either Bing or Yahoo! as the source and enter keywords to search for, then select the photo you want to use and click "Add Photo".
  4. (Optional) Type in a title, a description, and keywords for your photo.Edit Photo Details
  5. Once you've finished editing your photo's details, click “Done”.
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