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How do I add or organize new pages?

This site works best when people like you, who have some genuine knowledge to share, put it out there for everyone else — and it couldn't be easier to do. To create a new page, simply click on the 'Add a New Page' link below the navigation pane on the left. The page will be added as a sub page of whatever page you are currently on. You can always move a page later.

Add Page - Wetpaint Central

The "Add Page" dialog will appear.

Add Page - Wetpaint Central


First, confirm the location where your new page will appear. Your new page will automatically become a sub page of the page that you were viewing when you clicked on the "Add a new page" link.

If you want your page to appear somewhere else on the site, click on the "Change Location" button and the "Select a Location" dialog will appear.

Add Page - Wetpaint Central

Here you can view all the pages currently on the site. To make your new page a sub page of an existing page, click on that page and then click on the "Select Location" button.

Once you've chosen a location for your new page (or decided to leave it in the automatically chosen location), type in a name for your page. Keep it short, as this will appear in the site's navigation.

Add Page - Wetpaint Central

You may choose to assign keyword tags so your page will be easier for other site visitors. Enter as many relevant tags as you like, separating each one with a comma as shown below.

Add Page - Wetpaint Central

You may choose a preformatted template
to use as the starting point for your new page. Select the template that best fits the page you want to create. When you click on the template name, you will see the template fill in your previously blank page. If you prefer to start from a clean canvas, select Blank Page (default).


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