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Member since: May 16 2011, 10:53 AM EDT
Slogan: The more you bleed in training, the less you bleed in WAR
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Hi, Wetpaint Central! I am X-WolfHunter, a Wetpaint Central Moderator.

As a Moderator, I am fair, open, and willing to help anyone with anything, to
the best of my ability. As a person, I am a wretched, soulless being who'd just as soon suck your soul out as look at you.

I'm joking. I'm actually a pretty nice guy when I put my mind to it.

Anywho, you're probably looking at my profile to a) stalk me or b) learn a bit
about me. Either way, you're bound to find something interesting here.

So here's what I'm willing to tell you about my real life:

I am sixteen years old and currently a high school Junior. I am an avid
runner and exerciser. Here are my current times, if you are interested:

5k PR: 18:50.44

Mile PR: 5:21

2 mile PR: 12:24 (Ran 1/2 hr. after my PR mile)

When I graduate, I plan on going to college for video game programming
and composition (I plan on being both an author and a video game designer, obviously). I also want to take some college courses in web design.

You can find me on FictionPress as X-WolfHunter and xwolfhunter10 (I
honestly don't know why I have two accounts . . .) and on FanFiction as X-WolfHunter. So you don't have to do a bunch of surfing, here are some links to some stories I wrote, if you're interested:

Some background on the stories:

Dead Space: TrioA miner/human trafficker named Terrance is blown off course and into an asteroid by the USM Forrest. His only hope of survival is to travel via an escape pod to The Sprawl. But what he finds there is a nightmare beyond all nightmares. You should note that I will NOT provide any background information on the Dead Space series (Too time-consuming), so if you've never played the games, don't read the story (Or do and prepare to be confused)
ImmortalPresent day vampires and werewolves, living out their lives as "normal" citizens. Don't worry, nothing like Twilight, no cheesy romance. Just a fun little side project.
The Story of the Assault on UnarkThe Black Knight launches his relentless attack on Unark, where The Necromancer has established the center of his new power. The Dark King has grown annoyed by The Necromancer, and has decided to utterly annihilate him and his armies.

On the IRC:

I can usually be found on Freenode's IRC network on the channel #ZSDW at these times:

Day of the WeekTime Usually On
SundayNot generally on on Sunday
MondayNot generally on on Monday
Tuesday7-7:30 PM
Wednesday7-7:30 PM
Thursday7-7:30 PM
FridayNot generally on on Friday (It's race day)
SaturdayNot generally on on Saturday

(These times are all EST)
(I'm trying to turn this into habit)

Some of my work on Wetpaint (Most on the ZSDW):

Edible Plants On-the-Go
Sleeping Alone (This page made it to Trek Light Gear's website . . . Check it out here)
Quotes to Survive By
The Three Most Likely Zombie Archetypes - And How to Deal With Them
Genetically Modified Corn - The Bane of Self-Sufficiency
My (Very much incomplete) Survival Plan
How to Survive and EMP Blast
When It's Raining

As you can tell, if you click the links, most (All) of those pages are survival-related or entirely survivaly. This is because, you guessed it, I'm mostly part of survival-based Wetpaint sites (The ZSDW and General Survival)

My Wetpaint Sites:

I am a member of many Wetpaint sites. However, I will only name the more important ones.

The Zombie Survival and Defense Wiki - Writer
General Survival (GS) - Creator
Mythical Creatures Guide - Moderator
Anti-Zombie Militia - Moderator

About General Survival:

General Survival

Of course, since I made the site, I'm gonna have to put something on my profile about it . . .

General Survival is, of course, a survival site about "anything and everything
that has to do with survival;" that's kinda our motto. The site is in need of users, but not for want of content or a good organization system etc. It's a fully functional site, but it just doesn't have enough users to actually run properly yet.
If you want to help, you can sign up to the site and just be a regular poster. You don't have to spend countless hours working on the site, like me. You
can just pop on every once in a while and respond to some threads; there are plenty of threads on there to respond to.
We also have something on the site called "Role Transfer." If you are a staff
member (Moderator or Administrator) on a well-known and reputable Wetpaint site, you can, if you wish, become a Moderator on mine. More info here.

That's probably enough profile for now . . . I get easily carried away, as you can tell (Ever seen my former ZSDW profile? That bad boy needs some cleaning)

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