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I've been part of Wetpaint since early 2006, and previously worked as a contracted professional moderator for 3 of their wikis. Even though the contract gig is up, I'm sticking around because I love Wetpaint so much! In fact, I remember when there was no Wetpaint Central, but instead a Moderator Lounge! My, how times change!

A few important pages:
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If you still cannot find what you're looking for, please contact me or another moderator.

About me:
Julia is the owner of Temlyn Writing: freelance writing & editing services, where she works diligently with clients to rescue excess apostrophes, save spliced commas, and repair injured & abused words.
She is also the editor of Musical Reviewer (formerly All About Musicals), editor-in-chief of Writers Remember, and administrator of the Houston Writers & Editors Network.
She enjoys being a forum moderator at one of the greatest forums for writers, AbsoluteWrite.com.

Julia has always been passionate about the written word, and has literally been writing and editing since she could read –- long before she received her B.A. in English — but she didn’t consider it for a career until she fell in love with the English department after trying out two other majors first (vocal music and communications). She journeyed through college both reading and writing about some of the best literature ever written, and getting graded for it — a dream come true!
All the while she moderated an IRC chatroom where she met the man who would later become her husband. Four years and a bachelor’s degree later she graduated and got married, began freelancing as a writer, editor, and moderator not long after, and has been doing it ever since!
In addition to moderating at Wetpaint Central, she is a Senior Community Moderator at several Wetpaint sites based on books from Sasquatch Publishing:

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