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Hello, my (middle) name is Losa
I'm a guy, born in 1978

(it's a small country in the western edge of Europe, by the Atlantic ocean, west of Spain, for those who may not know)

home - Wetpaint Central

home - Wetpaint Central

Cristiano RonaldoJosé Mourinho

The best words to describe are:
Rational, objective and impartial. I don't easily take sides.
I always do my very best to see everybody elses' perspectives and I respect everybody's opinion, as long as it's founded and explained to me. I enjoy a good and polite debate.

I'm an active member of the following Wikifoundry sites:

- Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles wiki
Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles wiki

- The Sarah Connor Chronicles wiki
(registered user)
The Sarah Connor Chronicles wiki

- Grey's Anatomy wiki
Grey's Anatomy wiki

I check out all these sites almost everyday.

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Leopardpaw42 Interests 0 Apr 10 2012, 4:06 PM EDT by Leopardpaw42
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Well, Losa, looks like we share a lot of interests in movies, TV, etc. Since you like Dexter, what bothers you about blood borne pathogens??? Pathology is an amazing topic, and my interests are in the clinical lab and in research. Sorry if you were offended by post. Meant no harm...just trying to teach other lab profs. to be very careful. LP
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Naru2008 Promoted 0 Nov 17 2011, 10:48 AM EST by Naru2008
Thread started: Nov 17 2011, 10:48 AM EST  Watch
Promoted to help clean out the spam accounts.

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sowhat97 Rules Say... 2 Aug 20 2010, 10:53 AM EDT by sowhat97
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You can't use the Wetpaint Logo in your profile picture

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