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Slogan: if you are bored then come to Sewergems.wetpaint.com and hannahmontanamileyfans.wetpaint.com
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Hi my name is Diamond and i have 2 sites that really need help!!

#1 Sewergems.wikifoundry.com, its about role-playing and making your own special character, you can choose if you want yours to be either a Monster, Mutant, Alien or Human you can choose and name and any age and if you like to Role-play then this is the site for you!!.

#2 Hannahmontanamileyfans.wikifoundry.com, its a Hannah Montana fan club thats has, song, episodes, info on what movies shes going to be in next and loads more and you can even chat online to other people to see how much they love Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus.

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flameingpaw Omigosh!! 0 Jul 16 2009, 3:17 PM EDT by flameingpaw
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Diamond!! I love how you did the bubble links to the sites!!!!
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