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May 2015:
Some may have noticed that YouTube videos can no longer be embeded or searched for. This is due to YouTube recently updating their GUI interface and API on their servers and discontinuing support for devices (such as iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, etc), and unfortunately the platform's API coding doesn't match that of the current YouTube API. This means Travis will need to go in and update the coding to make adding videos supported again.
What can users do in the mean time? Unfortunately nothing. We will need to wait for Travis to update the coding. However, videos already added to the wikis can be interacted with just fine without any issues. Please remain patient while this matter is attended to!

-Wikifoundry Staff.
If you are having any serious wiki problems that can't be resolved here first on Wikifoundry Central, or you have requests such as promotional or custom navigation requests, please send such requests to: info@wikifoundry.com.
Thank you! WikiFoundry Central Staff
For previous announcements, visit the WikiFoundry News page.
WikiFoundry Central Staff
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If you'd like, visit the Hall of Fame for former staff members of the wiki!
WikiFoundry Central Help and Support - WikiFoundry Central
The Wikifoundry Golden Anvil Awards is where all WikiFoundry wikis can be recognized for several achievements, such as organization, content, and activity.
The Second Annual WikiFoundry Golden Anvil Awards have begun!
You may nominate in any of the following categories:
EducationRole Play
FansGone WildSupernatural
HobbyHoundsWarrior Cats
Popular MediaWeird & Wonderful

Before you participate, we ask that you first read the rules.

Featured Tip - Use multiple browsers
Tip provided by: CaptainSpaz
Even though WikiFoundry currently supports all the main browsers, except Safari, the browsers often render certain WikiFoundry editing features differently. Tables that don't render properly on Internet Explorer might render just fine in Firefox, however certain drag-and-drop or copy/paste features that have issues on Firefox might work just fine in Internet Explorer.

Although this isn't a perfect system, I have found that using multiple browsers really helps when you want your page to look as good as possible with far less hassle.

For more details, please view the browser support page.
If you have any tips, please message one of the staff members.

Member Shout Out!
WikiFoundry Central Help and Support - WikiFoundry CentralCaptainSpaz - Community Administrator
CaptainSpaz is the oldest of the Administrators and a long-time member of the community, dating back to Wetpaint times. When he first became a Moderator, he locked most of the important pages to prevent spam and vandalism, and also created the rules. He has also been running the yearly WikiFoundry/Wetpaint awards since the original creator, Michael Beezner, was laid off by Wetpaint. While he mainly does "behind-the-scenes" work now, he's still a well-respected member of the community, and we thank him for all his work he has does for the community.
If he has helped you out at all, feel free to send him a compliment to thank him!
Members chosen are selected by the WikiFoundry Central Staff every three months. If you know someone who should be featured, please send a PM to a staff member.

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