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WikiFoundry updates - Changes in Advertisements
Today, the platform was rid of two advertising partners, Chitika and Adversal, who host advertisements on the web.

When Travis originally acquired the platform, he placed Google Ads on all the wikis, regardless what content they held. This worked for a good half a year, but then Google caught some websites with content that violated their policy, and shut down their ads on the sites that were found in violation of their policy. As a resolution to this, Travis added Chitika and Adversal.

Any websites created had Chitika and Adversal as the advertisers until the wiki was reviewed to see if it fit Google's guidelines. However, Chiticka and Adversal were starting to become invasive, they messed with formats, and some could be viewed as offensive to some, so they were removed today in favor of some really user-friendly advertisements, made by Travis himself.

These ads show up on wikis that have recently been created, and ones that have not been reviewed for their content. This includes promotion for some of the platform's wikis, as well as promotions for creating a WikiFoundry wiki. Once the wiki has been screened and is found to follow Google's guidelines, the ads will be switched to Google's Ads, and will run on it's normal advertisement rotation.

You can follow Travis' progress on the WikiFoundry Twitter feed and the Facebook page.
If you have specific questions, feel free to email Travis at travis[at]wikifoundry.com

Thank you, WikiFoundry Central Staff
For previous announcements, visit the WikiFoundry News page.
WikiFoundry Central Staff
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*From before the wikis were acquired by WikiFoundry
Featured Tip - Upgrade your browsers
Tip provided by: CaptainSpaz
As of November 6, 2013, WikiFoundry now supports the Blink layout engine, meaning Google Chrome, Opera, and Maxthon are now supported. Though, it is only recent versions of these browsers that utilize the Blink engine; older versions still use WebKit.

These browsers are full of features and support that Internet Explorer and Firefox haven't offered us, and you may find you have a better experience on WikiFoundry with one of them.

In any event, upgrading your browsers insure you will be able to keep up with any changes that may occur to the Wiki platform in the coming months or years, thus creating fewer support issues.

For more info, and download links, view the browser support page.
If you have any tips, please message one of the Staff members.

Member Shout Out!
walrusworldstudios id=
walrusworldstudios - Community Administrator
walrusworldstudios is a very prominent member of the WikiFoundry community, dating back to when it was still Wetpaint. He has pioneered many of the now popular Warrior Cats wikis, and he is highly knowledgeable
and friendly on this community serving as a staff member.
If he has helped you out at all, feel free to send him a compliment to thank him!
Members chosen are selected by the WikiFoundry Central Staff every three months. If you know someone who should be featured, please send one of us a PM.
The Golden Anvil Awards
The Golden Anvil Awards is a site where all WikiFoundry wikis can be recognized for a variety of achievements, such as organization, content, and activity.
Use this section to see highlights of the current awards.
The age of the Golden Paint Can has ended, now is the time for the Golden Anvil!
The Golden Anvil Awards Home - The Golden Anvil Awards
Nominations open on June 1, 2014!
Please visit the new wiki to keep in touch with any updates to the rules and procedures, or to offer suggestions!
Feel free to offer any suggestions for next year in this thread.


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