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Wikifoundry News - August 2015
As some of you may be aware, YouTube videos can no longer be embeded into pages, or searched for via the YouTube widget option. This is due to YouTube updating their API for their service. Unfortunately, the platform is using the old API coding, and therefor the platform is considered 'unsupported' because it's relying on the old API coding. Travis is looking into replacing the API coding for the old YouTube widget with the new API code, but until then, you can work around this by using the 'Other Widget' option on pages to add the embed code. Please remain patient while Travis looks into replacing the coding. Thanks!

-Wikifoundry Staff
If you are having any serious wiki problems that can't be resolved here first on Wikifoundry Central, or you have requests such as promotional or custom navigation requests, site deletion requests, etc, please send such requests to info@wikifoundry.com.
Thank you!
For previous announcements, visit the WikiFoundry News page.
Wikifoundry Central News - September 6, 2015
One of our beloved Administrators, CaptainSpaz, will be departing Wikifoundry once the Golden Anvil Awards come to a close this year. We are all sad to see him go, but we wish him the best of luck with his future endeavours, and know he'll do well.
Phillip has been very instrumental in the format of Wikifoundry Central we've been using since he came into staff since 2009, and also created the rules.
He's done so much for us, please give him a compliment to show him how much you appreciate all he has done for oversix years!
WikiFoundry Central Staff
As part of the community staff, we are here to help you, and there is usually always someone online to assist you.
If you'd like, you can visit the Hall of Fame for former staff members of the wiki!
Golden Anvil Awards
The Wikifoundry Golden Anvil Awards is where all Wikifoundry wikis can be recognized for several achievements, such as organization, content, and activity.
The Second Annual Golden Anvil Awards have begun!
You may now votein the following categories:

Fans Gone Wild
Role Play
Warrior Cats
Weird & Wonderful

Before you participate, we ask that you first read the rules.
Featured Tip - Clear Browser Cache
Tip provided by: Naru2008
A lot of user's issues, such as login issues, can be fixed simply by clearing your browser's cache. Sometimes your browser might rely on old cached data to help load the page faster, which can cause issues if the data is out of date, and the live version of a page is a newer, updated version.

To clear your cache, instructions can be found on the Browser Support page.

If you have any tips that could be shared, please message one of the Administrators.
Member Shout Out!
Lauren's AvatarZorua - Community Moderator
Zorua, also known as Lauren, while a mainly quiet staff member, is a very active staff member, from behind the scenes. She is the newer Moderator, but she picked up the pace really fast, being a fast learner. She was a wonderful addition to the team, and still is.
Just because you don't see her active responding to threads, doesn't mean she isn't active. She can usually be found updating the Top 100 List every Tuesday when she gets the chance, and removed and reports any spam sites she finds on the list. We are glad to have Lauren aboard. :)
If she has helped you out at all, feel free to send her a compliment to thank her!
Members chosen are selected by the WikiFoundry Central Staff every three months. If you know someone who should be featured, please send a PM to a staff member.

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